• Mid Valley Teachers received the HP Grant for 2 years.  Here is a summary of each years project.  You can find grade level projects on the left hand side.
    2007-08 Grant involved 5 teachers, JoAnn Frazier, Judith Holt-Mohar, Vickie Schmidt, 5th grade teachers, Kim Yasui, Ell teacher and Janna Liberty, SPED.  Each teacher received an HP laptop computer, presenter, digital camera, printer and scanner, a $500 stipend and $3,000 for professional development. The stipend was spent on a document camera for each teacher.  The total value of the grant was over $30,000.  The project description is listed below.
    “Mean, Median and Mentors: Using Mathematics and Athletics to Engage at Risk 5th Graders” is a project to meet the directive that all students have access to high quality mathematics instruction with technology as an essential component of the teaching environment.  Teacher will use the granted technologies to lead investigations that focus on data analysis and interpretation across number systems. In this project students will become statisticians for the high school basketball team.  Each student will be paired with a basketball team member.  They will begin by writing letters, interviewing players, and attending games to collect and record statistical data.  Students will demonstrate their understanding of math concepts by using personal and mathematical data to create player profiles.  They complete a professionally bound book that profiles his/her player including history, interests, and statistical achievements in basketball. The project culminates in oral, written, and multimedia presentations for peers, parents and community members.
    2008-09 Grant was for 10 new teachers, the 5 1st year grant teachers and the principal.  The 10 new teachers received the same equipment as the 1st year grant teachers and $6,000 for  staff professional development. Because our whole staff wanted to participate we were able to piece together similar hardware for all teacher and everyone was able to benefit from the professional development.  The value of this grant was over $100,000.  Here is a description of the second year project.

    "Messing with Math and Technology, Everybody’s Doing It!" Our project will use granted technology to build a stronger math knowledge base in grades K-2 and provide targeted instruction for grades 3-5 which will translate to higher mathematics scores.

    K-5 teachers will work together to create a multimedia PowerPoint presentation with audio and visual examples of common math terms.    The completed presentation will be stored on the school website.  Teachers participating in the HP grant will use laptop and projector to access and show portions of the presentation to their classes throughout the year creating a more consistent “math language.”
    Students will gain experience working with technology by activities developed by their teacher.  Each grade level will develop 3 activities to be placed on the building network.  At least one of these activities will focus on math skills including a project utilizing Excel based on grade level expectations.