• Homeschool Information

    Columbia Gorge Education Service District provides more information regarding the requirements of homeschooling children within Wasco and Hood River Counties. Click here for further information and guidelines.

    Hood River County School District Policy #BDPO-166 (04-12-07) regarding homeschooling:

    The school board recognizes the rights of parents to educate students at home and acknowledges the district's role in registering and monitoring test results for students who are being taught at home.

    Unless extra copies exist, the district will not provide textbooks, materials, lesson plans or curriculum guides to students being instructed at home.

    The board provides shared-time enrollment to private and home schooling students. The board will not grant high school credit for home schooling or grant diplomas to home-schooled students who reside within the district.

    The board will recognize, for high school graduation, correspondence courses from the High School Completion Program sponsored by the Division of Continuing Education.

    Parents who elect home schooling options are encouraged to pursue GED or community college diploma alternatives.

    Home-schooled students may participate in interscholastic activities if the following criteria are met:

    1. The student is in compliance with all rules governing home schooling and can provide acceptable documentation of compliance to the school district.
    2. The student can meet the school district eligibility requirements except the class attendance requirements.
    3. Students need not meet class requirements of the association administering the interscholastic activities.
    4. The student can achieve the minimum achievement test score required annually of home- schooled students.
    5. The student must fulfill the same responsibilities and standards of behavior and performance including related class or practice requirements of other students participating in the interscholastic activity. The students must meet the same standards for acceptance on the team or squad. The student must also comply with all public school requirements during the time of participation.