• Please help your child and Darla Goe keep track of the library books.
     If your child brings home a note regarding a missing book, would you please help look for the book at home and if you are unable to find it, would you please sign the paper and return it to school with your child?

     Children may keep a book at home for one week. It is hard, especially for the little ones to remember to bring books back from home. 

    I would like to suggest some ways to help your student develop this skill of responsibility.



    ·       Keep the books in the student back pack when they are not being read.  This keeps the books handy for return, and also protects the books from little brothers and sisters who may not be old enough to care for the books.
    ·       Remind your student of library day for his or her class.  You can find the day by looking at the schedule posted on this web site.  You could make a note and put it on your calendar, refrigerator, the school menu, or other place that you keep important information.
    ·        Please take the time to look for the book at home, and return the signed paper if you are unable to find it. I will record the book as lost.  It does not mean that you will have to pay for the book.  It just means that you have helped the child look at home.


    If you find a book at home that you may have reported as lost, please return it.  They usually show up.  You may find it later at home, or we find it here at school.  The books sometimes get misplaced here or they are not checked in correctly on the computer.  We all need to work together to keep track of our wonderful books.


                                    Thank you, 

                                     Darla Goe   



Last Modified on July 21, 2016