Credit Recovery Contract

    Expelled Student Information/expectations


    Mr. Hasty


    541-386-4500 EXT: 5705



    Class Expectations:

    • Music is okay if you are listening to it on headphones.   
    • Swearing, fighting, teasing, arguing, harassment or any kind of disrespect will NOT be tolerated.
    • You must sign in and out of the lab each time you leave and enter the lab.

    Work Expectations:

    • All work must achieve a 70% or higher to be considered complete.All course work is provided via Odysseyware, an online provider.
    • You will be able to access your work from any internet connection on B day mornings and non-school hours.
    • You will be blocked from taking your tests and you must come to the Coe Building Lab to complete unit tests.
    • The Coe building lab will be available for internet access and testing every B day morning from 8:00- 11:00 AM. Lab times maybe altered due to weather or special events.  
    • 3 Strikes and You’re OUT!!! (strikes will be assigned for any infraction of program rules.)
    • At each strike, I will contact your counselor.
    • At the 2ndstrike, I will contact your parent/guardian to inform them that you have one more chance in the class for the semester.
    • At the 3rdstrike, I will contact your counselor and your parent/guardian to let them know that you will be transferred out of Credit Recovery for the remainder of the semester. Any work you have started on a credit will be forfeited.


    By signing this I am hereby agreeing to the terms of this class. I understand that any infringement of these expectations could result in not receiving credit for work done and possible removal from the class for the remainder of the semester.


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    Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________________