• How is Middle School different?
    In many ways!
    For one thing, it may be much bigger than your old school.
    And students will have:
    Different classes
    Students might go to a different teacher for each subject and some classes may be longer than others.
    New rules
    At Hood River Middle School, we expect students to Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible
    A busier schedule
    Students have only 5 minutes between each class and 30 minutes for lunch.
    A locker
    Instead of having a desk or cubby to store their things, they will keep books and materials in their locker.
    More classmates - new friends
    There may be different students in every class they have. There will be students coming from different schools.
    More teachers
    Students may have a different teacher for every class.
    More choices
    Students can take part in extracurricular activities like: Band, sports, Health Media Club and Student Body.
    More homework
    All Hood River Middle School students are expected to have a minimum of 1 hour of homework each night.
    All students need to read for 30 minutes on top of other daily homework assignments.