• Getting Organized is Your Ticket to Success!
    Here are some tips to help you get started:
    Use a Binder with Dividers
    Use a different divider in your binder for each class.  You will need 5-8 dividers. Label each divider in your binder with the name of the class.  3-hole punch all of your materials for each class and keep them in the correct section of your binder.
    Use a Planner (or assignment book)
    Keep your planner at the front of your Binder.  Use your planner for each class. Write what you worked on and what your homework assignment is. For long term projects, take time to write in due dates for each section of the project.  Use your planner at home like a "to do" list. Check items off when you have completed them.
    Record personal appointments and practices as well.
    Be sure you UNDERSTAND your assignments
    If you have a question, ASK! Don't be shy, others may have the same question.
    Keep your locker neat
    A messy locker can slow you down and make you late for class.
    Make time for homework
    Set up a specific time for homework each day. Then: 
    • Find a quiet place to work.
    • Turn off your phone (texting, talking, and facebooking are distractions!)
    Break big projects into smaller steps

    For example; for a research project: week 1 - collect research; week 2 - read and take notes; week 3 - write rough draft; week 4 - write final draft.
    If you are not sure how to break your project down, ask your teacher or your counselor.
    Prepare the night before
    In order to be ready for school in the morning, you should:
    •  Check your planner. Make sure you finish assignments that are due the next day.
    •  Pack your schoolbag after your finish your homework.
    •  Get your clothes ready before you go to bed.