• Lock - In 2016

    Lock-In Map

    Lock-In Activities

    Zombie Apocalypse- C Hall         12-1am.

    Located in the closed half of the school, students line up inside by the Jock Lot entrance to participate in a modified version of Flag Football. Zombies are hidden throughout an obstacle course and students who make it to the end without losing their flags receive a prize.


    FIFA Room- H-12              12-3

    Come participate in an extreme soccer video game! Located in Kennedy’s room, the competition will be steep and prizes will be tight. The tournament will be intense as once you lose you are out!


    Karaoke- H-14                   All Night

    Sing the night away using a Karaoke machine with your friends.


    Just Dance- F-108             All Night

    Literally just dance, with this fun interactive video game! The music will be popping as you follow the moves on the screen.


    Gamer Chill Room F-1 07              All Night

    Computers, consoles, and chilling. Play games and hang out in Harjo’s room.


    Light Room- H-15             All Night

    There’s nothing better than chilling in a room full of softly colored lights. Talk with your friends or just hang out!


    T.V. Room- H-16               All Night

    Don’t watch enough T.V. at home? Come watch more at the Lock-In. Enjoy a marathon of  the last season of How I Met Your Mothe.


    Arcade Room- E-20 (Study Hall Room)   All Night

    Arcade games for the win. We will offer a variety of arcade style games for anyone who wants to play!


    Face Painting- Under F-Hall stairs 1:30-3:00

    Get your face painted in a multitude of colors! Designs, flowers, or balloons, come experience the joy of getting paint on your face.


    Henna- Under F-Hall stairs 10:00-12:30

    Temporary tattoos that come off within a week. Beautiful designs that are a light brown color.


    Bounce House- 2:30-4:30 in the Wrestling Gym

    No Shoes, No belt buckles, two at a time. Race your friends and enjoy acting like a kid again in the wrestling gym bounce house.


    DANCE in the commons                All Night

    Music starts at 11:00 and the official dance starts at 12:00. There  will be a Dance-Off competition at 12:30. The Dance will go al night long with different DJs each hour.


    Movies in the Bowe                       Starting at 11:00

    Insidious                                             11:00-12:40

    Rush Hour                                           12:45-2:15

    The Woman in Black                         2:25-3:55

    Star Wars IV A New Hope                4:00-6:00


    Lower Gym                         All Night

    Volleyball                11:00-1:30

    Basketball               1:30-300

    Dodgeball                3:00-5:30


    Upper Gym

    Soccer                   11:00-2:00

    Badminton           2:00-4:00

    Free Gym             4:00-5:30


    Cafeteria             Free food and drinks all night.

                                    1 serving for each entry into the line.



    Papa Murphys


    Thai House



    Hood River Chinese Restaurant








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Last Modified on March 4, 2016