• The following is some additional information to help answer questions from staff or parents on next year’s calendars:

    · Elementary schools will be on a trimester schedule next year and secondary schools will be on the same semester schedule as in years past; there are separate calendars for each schedule

    · Although there are different schedules between primary and secondary levels (trimester v. semester) students district wide will have all of the same days off

    · Primary and secondary teachers will have different schedules, in terms of days off, in service, work days and professional development due to the different schedules

    · Elementary principals requested the change to the trimester schedule for educational reasons

    · A parent calendar was created this year to better help parents know when their student has school and when there is no school for students. The A’s and B’s were added to provide that information for secondary parents and thus not have 2 separate calendars for parents. This is the calendar that will be posted on the district’s public web site