• Community Works Course Syllabus   2020-2021

    To educate and support every student, every day, for success now and in the future.

    Teacher:  Peter Lawson


    Location : Wilson Street Fire House Community Work Sites



    This course provides students with the opportunity to develop positive work attitudes and work-related skills.  This course will cover such topics as:

    • Gaining and maintaining personal employment skills.
    • Development of positive work attitudes and work related skills.
    • Career exploration and self-awareness of areas of interest and abilities.
    • Exposure to a variety of employment environments and opportunities.

    Community Works students will participate in school and community work sites for a portion of the semester.  Based on their level of independence, they may work in small groups, with a job trainer, or at independent sites. The purpose of work experiences is for students to develop and enhance emerging work skills. These include such features as being on time, working cooperatively with others, demonstrating initiative, taking feedback appropriately, etc.


    Students will be graded on participation and student progress will be reported quarterly on a formative assessment (SPR).  These expectations include being prepared to work cooperatively, helping create a positive work environment and using time in a productive manner.


    Students will earn/lose credit according to school attendance policy, if students are not present then they may not receive credit.

    Google meet Expectations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/175aCLdlUf4TrmgsnI51emgKLUjqDSVQ-tnYJmj4u3ec/edit?usp=sharing

    Student and Staff Expectations: EAGLE PRIDE

    • Perseverance
      • Come to class on time and ready to learn
      • Establish short term and long term goals and make a plan to achieve them
      • See mistakes as opportunities to improve
    • Respect
      • Treat others as you want to be treated
      • Respect your belonging and those of others
      • Listen to others and be open to new ideas
    • Integrity
      • Demonstrate trustworthiness
      • Do the “right” thing
      • Be yourself and own it
    • Diversity
      • Everyone has a place here
      • Be open to what other cultures and viewpoints can teach you
      • Avoid assumptions about one another
    • Engagement
      • Be present
      • Be involved
      • Take advantages of opportunities at HRVHS

    Discipline Plan:

    Refer to the HRVHS discipline guidelines in the student handbook, or student specific behavior plan.