• Book Talks


    _____1. Hook or “grabber” – grabs the reader’sattention and makes them want to listen to your talk.

    _____2. Establishes your attitude about the book



    _____3.Introduces the title and author of the book and describes the setting in somedetail.

     _____4. Describes the main character andevaluates what kind of person he/she is.

    ______5.Describes a few of the main events of the books, but does not give away theending.

    _____6. Discusses the main conflict of the book

    _____7. Interprets the theme – what truth the writer wanted to express about lifeand living through this book.


    _____3. Introduces the title and author of the book

    ______4.Describes the type of information presented

    _____5.Explains why you think the author organized the information this way. Howdoes is it help to clarify or motivate someone to read it.

    _____6.Discusses the author’s purpose for writing the book

    _____7.Shares some of the information from the book (your favorite item, facts thatyou learned, etc.)



    _____8.Evaluates what you liked and disliked about the book

    _____9.Explains why you would/would not recommend the book

    _____10.Ends strongly without clichés. Be original!


    _____11.Speaks clearly and audibly

    _____12.Speaker has obviously previewed and practiced the book talk.

    _____13.Avoids verbal fillers, fidgeting, and other nervous habits

    _____14.Speaker does not read from notes or other paper.