• ArtikPix - Full (Expressive Solutions LLC): Practice of specific sounds in words and sentences in a variety of contexts. Can listen to a model and record/compare own speech production. Memory Games using targeted speech sounds.

    Articulation Station Pro (Little Bee Speech): Speech production practice for specific sounds in words, sentences and elaborated sentences. Can record, rate and compare speech + expand to memory games.

    Spanish Artik (Smarty Ears): La práctica del habla (fonemas y palabras) en español. Escuchar, por ejemplo, repetir.

    Minimal Pairs – Full (SLP Tech Tools): Facilitates discrimination and production of speech sounds.

    iPractice verbs (Smarty Ears): Practice of several verb tenses at a variety of levels (word, phrase, sentence).

    iPreposition Builder (Mobile Education Store LLC).

    Preposition Remix (Smarty Ears).

    Using I and Me (Super Duper Publications).
    Comparative Adjectives (Grasshopper Apps.com): Comparing/describing objects (e.g. big, bigger, biggest) – great photos.