• Smarter Balanced Assessment Support  


     Go to www.oaksportal.org   
    You will find practice tests, tutorials for equation editors and calculators, and other resources.
    For practice tests,
          click on Students.
    When you are ready to give the real assessments or check online reporting,
          click on Test Administrators.
    Practice and Training Tests 
    Students, teachers and parents can access the practice and training tests anytime in several ways.
    www.oaksportal.org    Click on students.  Click on Practice Tests
    Teachers can also get to this training site by clicking the Test Administrator button.  Then click Training site.
    Here is a direct link to the practice site
    Equation Editor Tool (for math testing)
    Students really need to practice using the equation tool on the test.  An equation editor tutorial is now available for students who want instruction in how to use the equation editor prior to participating in the Smarter Balanced mathematics assessment. There is a link to this tutorial on the Student page of the OAKS portal, under the links to sample calculators. To directly access this tutorial, click here.  
    Calculator Practice (for grades 6-11)
    Help students feel comfortable with the online calculators they will use on the SBAC assessments.  IF A CALCULATOR MAY BE USED, students will see a calculator icon at the top of the page.  Here is a link to practice using the calculators in your instruction. (practice calculators) (For Guidance on which items students may use a calculator, please see the Content Specifications for your grade band.)
    Scheduling Time for Testing
    Please refer to page 39  in the Test Administration Manual for recommended times for testing.  These are guidelines.
    Test Blueprints
    Check out the SBAC Test Blueprints for Math  and ELA expectations (number of items, level of DOK, targets, claims) for the summative test.
    Content Specifications
    Check out the rules or specifications that are to create the math test.  Scroll down to page 30 to see the targets listed for each grade.
    SBAC Test Rubrics and More Samples
            Math and ELA    Click here for samples at each grade level with scores, targets, claims, and answers.  Rubrics and classroom activities for samples can be found here as well.
    Login Issues 
     Log on the OAKS website – www.oaks.k12.or.us.
    Click on the Test Administrators button.
    Click the TIDE button. 

    On the next screen, click, "Forgot Your Password?” 

    Enter your email address and click the Next button.  
    A temporary password will be sent to your email account from OAKS.   

    Please login and change your temporary password to fully activate your account. 
    ***If you get the error message, “There are no questions configured for you" when attempting to reset your OAKS password you will need to email the OAKS helpdesk at OAKS.helpDesk@air.org or call them at 1-866-509-6257 to have them reset your password.   

    How do I see the results?

    Log on the OAKS website – www.oaksportal.org

          Click on the Test Administrators button.

         Click on ONLINE REPORTING

         Click on Score Reports

         Click on the tile of the subject you want to review. (Math, ELA, Science)

         Click on the cell with the magnifying glass to drill deeper to see the student roster

              (or click in the "WHO" box to show STUDENT)


             IF YOU WANT TO SEE subscores, under "WHAT", select CLAIM, or even target to drill down.


    These reports can be printed or exported in excel to sort, highlight and review.
    Individual student reports can be printed by clicking the magnifying class next to the student's name in the roster.  Or ask you principal how to download from the retrieve student results button as a zipfile.
    Please note, you can also look at subgroups, by clicking  "BREAKDOWN BY" to select LEP, Race, Special Eduation flags.
                     by race
    If you have questions or need assistance looking at your information, please let your principal or an instructional coach know.