• Entering Worksamples Into Performance Plus
    Just as you scored and entered work samples for Math, Writing, Speaking and Science in Mastery in Motion (MIM), we will be now entering them in Performance Plus.  It is really very similar.  
    (Click here to find what is required by Oregon law for your grade level.)
    Here is a Support Page with screen shots and steps to follow.  
    To get started Login to Performance Plus at:      
                  User: first name.last name
                  Password: last name + last 4 SSN
    Click on the classes icon (the desk) to see a list of your classes.
    Find the subject of the work sample you are entering.
    Click Grade Assessment Icon.
    Here you will have to choose the Assessment Name (Writing, Math:Geometry, Math:Operations and Algebra, etc.)  and the Date (the month) it was given.  If you happen to have more than one during than month, just select another date you have not used or you can replace the date used with the higher score you want to keep.
    There is a mass grade feature that will be very helpful.  
    Another different feature is determining the proficiency for the worksample.  In Oregon, it must have the score required in all the dimensions to meet or exceed.  There is a key at the top of the column to help you know what Does Not Meet, Meets, and Exceeds which are given values of 1, 2, or 3 respectively.
    If all of your work samples are from the same mode or most students have the same score in a category, you can choose to 'Auto fill' that column.  It will save you a lot of time. 
    Remember to save frequently!
     As always, if you need support, please ask an instructional coach or your principal for assistance.