• Smarter Balanced Performance Tasks
         Click this link to access some informative slides about performance tasks. It may take a few secs. to download.
       pt overview     what to learn
    How can I practice Performance Tasks with my students?
           +You can access sample Performance tasks by going to the Practice tests  for SBAC.
                Click sign in. (no login is necessary)  Choose your grade level. 
                Then choose the Math Performance Task or ELA Performance Task 
                 7th tests  
            For the CLASSROOM ACTIVITY go to:
                       (the classroom activity is a short lesson on the CONTEXT of the task students will
                        participate in.  The script is a guide.  It is okay for ELL teachers to spend time
                        developing the context before students do it with their classroom teacher.)
          +Another way to practice is the Interim Assessments.
                Go to the www.oaksportal.org  to set up an Interim.
                Click Test Administrators 
                 oaks portal  
                  Click on Digital Library & Interim Assessments to find the Classroom Activity lesson plans.
                  digital library  
                Find you grade level and subject (Math or ELA)
                  class activitiy  
                  Go back to click on Test Administration to begin the testing session for your students.
                        test admin                 
              Scroll down….. until you find the grade level and subject you want.
              For example:
                 -ICA  SB  MA  G5 PT  
                 (Interim Comprehensive Assessment--Smarter Balanced--Math--Grade 5--Performance Task)
                 - ICA  SB  ELA  G6 PT 
                 (Interim Comprehensive Assessment--Smarter Balanced--English Lang. Arts--Grade 6--Performance Task)
                    Write the session ID on the board for students to input on their student login in screen.  
                 If the calculator or any formulas can be used, they will pop up at the top of the screen.  
                 Practicing ahead of time to know what those look like will be very important to students.
           +Another way to practice these types of problems is to find tasks on sites like:
                   Illustrative Mathematics 
                    Inside Mathematics
                   NYC Tasks:  Choose the grade level, math or ELA, then search.
    If you have questions or need additional support, please ask your principal or contact an instructional coach.