High School World Language Credit by Examination


    General Information:

    Hood River Valley High School provides an assessment in order to give world language credit through proficiency at the high school level. This assessment is available to all students who are native speakers of, or have had significant experience in a world language other than English. The World Language Credit assessment follows board policy #8470 and procedure #8470, which states, “criteria for credit may include proficiency based coursework or challenge exams prepared by staff or provided by an accredited program.” (Hood River County School District Policy and Procedure #8470)


    Test information

    ·        The test is available through the Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (FLATS), Brigham Young University (BYU).

    ·        All tests are pass/fail, multiple-choice and require a 2 ½ hour time limit.

    ·        The tests are achievement tests, not global proficiency tests. As such, they are designed to measure a student’s performance against specific course-related criteria. They are designed to test beginning-level listening comprehension, reading comprehension and grammatical accuracy at a college level.

    ·        The test is a Pass/Fail test only, with students passing at the 60%-70% level, depending on the language. 

    ·        The cost to the student is $50.00, which is the price of taking the test through BYU.

    ·        There are 55 different language tests that are available to take through correspondence.

    ·        These tests have been created to provide students who have acquired a certain level of proficiency in the language an opportunity to receive credit by examination. The tests, although not nationally normed, have been used and received quite positively by universities and colleges. 



    Student Criteria:

    ·        All students whose native language is a language other than English or has had significant experience in a second language will be able to take the FLATS proficiency test to prove their competency in a world language.

    ·        Because the test is intended to access competency at a college level, students who pass the test will receive 2.0 World Language high school credits.

    ·        Because the students that are taking the test will be native speakers or students with significant second language experience, we can assume oral and cultural proficiency in the native/second language.

    ·        Students will be given one chance to pass the test. If they fail, they must take one of the World Language classes offered at the high school they attend.