• March 2015

    While I hope our wonderful staff and students are enjoying their Spring Break Vacation, I am writing tonight because our students and schools need your help now! This morning Oregon's legislative leadership announced that they are moving forward with a $7.255 billion K-12 budget recommendation. Over the next days (probably on Thursday), legislators in Salem will vote on whether to settle for a State School Fund (SSF) budget that will impose more cuts affecting our students, or aim higher. All this, while many students, families, and educators are on vacation!

    If adopted, this funding level means serious reductions for schools across Oregon and here in Hood River County. The legislators pushing for this funding level are using "fuzzy math" to substantiate what they are calling a "stable budget." The reality across Oregon is that most school districts, like ours, need at least a $7.5 billion SSF to avoid cuts to staff, programs and school days (or some combination thereof). Many school districts, like our neighbors to the east (The Dalles and Pendleton) and west (Gresham Barlow and Reynolds), need more than $7.5 billion just to maintain their current program levels. Click here to read full articleFunding Advocacy LetterFunding Levels Poster.