• Hood River Valley High School

    2021/2022 Music Department Syllabus

    Instuctor: Dan Kenealy

    E-mail: daniel.kenealy@hoodriver.k12.or.us   

    Phone: 541-386-4500 ext. 4537

    Course Objective: Music courses are designed to strengthen vocal and instrumental students into refined performers, both individually and as an ensemble. The music courses at Hood River Valley High School are designed to meet standards for music education as set forth by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME).

    Materials: The following materials are required for each and every class period:

    1. Assigned sheet music, kept neatly in a binder. For outside performances, sheet protectors are recommended. 
    2. Instrument in working order (if applicable)
    3. Supplemental equipment (reeds, valve oil, tuner, etc. if applicable)
    4. Device with internet connection such as school provided Ipad or personal laptop. 

    Grading Policy: In a typical trimester, grades will be determined as follows:

             Performance Assessments: approx. 240 points (20 points per week)

    Classroom Engagement: approx. 120 points (10 points per week)

             Musical Projects and activities: approx. 100 points

             Other miscellaneous credit: approx. 40 points

             Total for all areas: approx. 500 points

    Virtual projects: This year, Mr. Kenealy will attempt to complete some virtual projects such as digitally edited videos showcasing student work and musical performances. Students may have the option to participate in such projects in lieu of completing a performance assessment. By participating in virtual projects, students and parents acknowledge consent to have students’ audio and video recordings shared via social media.

    Explanation of Assignments and Exams:

    Online Participation & Etiquette: Each student will be expected to attend and participate in online classes conducted via Google Meets. In the virtual classroom, students are expected to follow the P.R.I.D.E. expectations for digital learning, which will be posted in Google Classroom.

    Classroom Engagement: Students will be expected to participate in virtual classroom activities and discussions. Students should be prepared to demonstrate evidence of work in class when prompted by Mr. Kenealy (i.e. unmute your microphone and play this scale, sing this warm up). Should students need to miss class for any reason, they should communicate with Mr. Kenealy to see what information was missed in class. 

    Playing/Singing Assessments: Playing and singing assessments will be given every week to assess students’ preparation, practice time, and personal growth. To ensure that students are successful, it will require that students put in whatever amount of practice time is adequate for their specific needs and skill level. These assessments may be administered in person, or through though a audio/video submission on Google Classroom. Assessments will be scored as follows:

    18 to 20 points – Assessment shows exemplary work and goes beyond expectations of proficiency.

    16-18 points-  Assessment meets expectations of proficiency

    11-15 points- Assessment may meet some expectations of proficiency, but has areas that need to be addressed

    10 points or less-  Assessment does not meet any expectations of proficiency and needs to be resubmitted

    ** Students may re-submit assessments at any point in the grading period to try to achieve a higher score**

    Grading Policy: Based on scores from Performance Assessments, Musical projects, and other miscellaneous credit, students will receive a letter grade based on percentages as follows:

    A 90-100%

    B 80-89%

    C 70-79%

    D 60-69%

    F 50-59% (Grades will be capped at a minimum of 50%)

    *Note: This course syllabus is subject to change based on the needs of the class. Changes, if any, will be announced in class. Students will be held responsible for all changes.