• There are many things you can do to help your child be successful in school.  Asking about your child's day helps you understand what is going on at school as well as helps your child retain what he/she has learned.  Try these questions with your child:
    • What was the best part about today?
    • What was new to you?
    • What is one thing that was sort of hard, that maybe needs some more practice?
    • What was interesting or fun today?
    Don't stop when your child says, "I don't know." or "Nothing."
    Another way to help your child is to provide a consistent time and place to complete homework.  Making a plan in a busy week to complete homework or assignments helps children learn to budget their time and show responsibility.
    If your child says they have nothing to do, spend some fun time together reading or playing a favorite math game.  Just talking with your child about THEIR world helps them grow AND helps you stay in touch with your child.