•  THINK, PAIR, SHARE Strategies

    What is it?
    1) Think. The teacher provokes students' thinking with a question or prompt or observation. The students should take a few moments to THINK about the question. (personal think time)

    2) Pair. Using designated partners, students PAIR up to talk about the answer each came up with. They compare their mental or written notes and identify the answers they think are best, most convincing, or most unique.

    3) Share. After students talk in pairs for a few moments, the teacher calls for pairs to SHARE their thinking with the rest of the class.  (consider using sentence frames to scaffold academic talk)
          compiled by Kim Yasui
          Clock Buddies, Three-Minute Pause, 3-2-1 and more
                 What is it?
                First grade using hand signals and in Spanish
                with grade 5
                Grade 7 Math 
                High School Social Studies
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