• Pathways to Career Success

    Mrs. Ames

    Spring Semester  2020


    Room C07    

    Prep: periods 3 and 7                                                                                             (541)386-4500  ext. 4576

    .5 Career Ed Credit/Extended Application/Diploma requirement        charlene.ames@hoodriver.k12.or.us


    Welcome! This course gives you guidance, structure and support in your post-secondary planning and Extended Application. We will be using CIS to update career and education plans and to complete the Extended Application required for an Oregon high school diploma. We will also be working in Naviance, a software designed to assist students in their search for careers and post-secondary schools along with enhanced communication features between student and counselor.


    Topics to be Addressed

    Extended Application

    Personality Exploration

    Career Exploration

    Post-Secondary Planning and Exploration

    College Admissions Testing—SAT/ACT

    Financial Literacy

    Scholarship Research

    Public Speaking/Presentations

    *Job Shadow-required

    What You Will Need

    Pen and Pencil


    Small Binder or Report Cover

    A charged and working Ipad


    Classroom Expectations

    You will have an opportunity to do exciting and challenging activities in this class. Our mission is to educate and support every student, every day, for success now and in the future. You will do very well in class if you meet the following expectations:

    1. Attend class every day, on time, and use your class time wisely. Participate!
    2. If for any reason you must be absent, it is your responsibility to make sure it is excused and to get missed assignments and information. Before school and after school are better than during class.
    3. Show respect for all others - you will be treated with respect in return.
    4. If you have a problem in class or about the class, please speak with me privately.
    5. Do a quality project.


    Extended Application Expectations

    Not all work for this class can be completed in class. Students will be expected to perform duties outside of class time. Students will need to arrange their own transportation to such events as a part of being in this class.

    Any time anyone is performing the duties of this class (during class or outside of class) he or she is expected to act with honesty, integrity, respect for others, themselves, and HRV. You represent HRV at all times when you step out into the community in the name of this class. Use good manners, good sense, and make good choices. Any variance from this will be dealt with severely, up to and including suspension from class and school.

    It is your responsibility to meet the deadlines in this class. Failure to meet deadlines may prevent you from your opportunity to present your project in-class and to the panel at the EA Project Presentation evening. Failure to meet deadlines may also result in no or partial credit for an assignment.


    Due Dates for Extended Application

    Spring Semester 2020


    Draft Proposal Due February 25/26

                        Final Proposal Due/Mentor Information                  March 11/12

                        Journal/Research Check                                           April 1/2

                        All Projects Completed                                            May 3

                        Reflective Essay Due                                               May 8/11

                        Abstract Due                                                            May 8/11

                        Speech Outline/Notebook Check                            May 18/19

                        In Class Presentations Begin                                   May 20/21

                                Completed notebook and visual aid due

                                at the time of your in-class presentation      

                        Evening Presentation with Community 6pm-9pm   June 1     6pm-9pm

                                Instructor approval is required to advance to the evening presentation



    Come to class on time. It is one of your responsibilities. There will be parent notification after the 4th tardy with the discipline referral process beginning for tardies thereafter. Students arriving ten or more minutes after the beginning of the period will be marked absent. Attendance will be taken from the cell phone holder in the classroom.



    Personal stereos, headphones, and cell phones are not allowed. Due to the nature of the class there may be occasion to use an electronic device with permission only. If a verbal reminder of this policy does not suffice it will result in the surrender of said device through the duration of the school day.  A repeated offence will result in a referral. It is expected that cell phones will be dropped into the cell phone holder at the beginning of class.


    Scholastic Honesty

    Students at Hood River Valley High School are expected to maintain high standards of scholastic honesty in and out of the classroom.  Students caught cheating or plagiarizing will lose credit for that assignment and may receive additional consequences. Repeated offenses of cheating or plagiarizing will be subject to the disciplinary policy as a major misconduct, resulting in suspension from school and/or removal and loss of credit for that class.


    Late Work

    Partial credit may or may not be earned for assignments turned in past the due date. It will vary with assignments so pay close attention to due dates. The job packet, college comparison, reflective essay, and abstract will not be accepted late for credit. Students who are absent will have 1 week from their absence to turn in the assignment they missed. Please write absent and the day you were absent on the top of your assignment. Not all assignments can be made up so it is important that you be on time to class and get your assignments in on time.


    Internet Usage

    There will be a great deal of internet use in the classroom. It is expected that students will adhere to the school district and classroom internet policies. Please use common sense when online.


    The Extended Application:  will be 60% of the student’s overall grade. It will be graded by the instructor and a panel of community members. The instructor will assess the rigor and relevance portion of the project during an in-class presentation: 70% of the project’s grade. A panel of community members will assess the organization and delivery during an evening presentation: 30% of the project’s grade and is the average of the panel’s scores. The in-class presentation and evening presentation are mandatory. Instructor approval is required to advance to the evening presentation. A passing grade is required for eligibility for credit for the project and credit for the class.

    ******NOTE: This means that without achieving a passing grade on your extended application you will not pass the class.


    Classroom Assignments: will be 40% of the student’s overall grade.


    The Final Exam: will be the presentation of the Extended Application to a panel of community members.


    ***Job Shadow is a mandatory requirement for the Pathways to Career Success class**

    ***No Extensions will be available



    Important Pathways Syllabus Information!

    *****No Extensions will be available*****


    Please be aware that because the EA Project is presented at the end of the semester and is 60% of a student’s grade, it may be possible for a student to not receive a Danger of Failure notice throughout the entire semester and still fail the class.


    All seniors will receive a danger of failure notice regardless of their grade in class as a reminder of the diploma requirement.


    Parents will be notified of their student’s failure to meet the proposal deadline.


    If you or your parent/guardian have any questions or concerns please contact me by phone or e-mail. Please keep this copy of the syllabus as it contains important deadlines. If you misplace this syllabus, the information is on the HRVHS website along with the judge’s training and a few examples.


    I am looking forward to a great semester!

    Mrs. Ames

    Pathways Instructor

    Eagle PRIDE

    Perseverance – never give up

    Respect – treat others as you want to be treated

    Integrity – do the right thing

    Diversity – everyone has a place here

    Engagement – always looks to grow and better yourself and others

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