Sophomore English 2019-20

    Educate, Every Student, Every Day


    Ms. Durand  


    (541) 386-4500 ext:  4555

    Prep Periods: 1 & 6 


    Learning Expectations

    • Come to class with the intention of learning and passing Sophomore EnglishCome to class.  Do the work. Hand it in. = English credit = Graduation
    • Come to class prepared with your learning tools (i.e. interactive notebook, personal reading book, pen/pencil, most important - GOOD ATTITUDE!).
    • Choose perseverance when learning becomes challenging. (Graduation is your mantra!)


    I am an affirmative action, equal opportunity teacher who consistently encourages, supports, and teaches positive behavior to help students feel valued, engaged, and successful.

    At Hood River Valley High School we believe in Eagle P.R.I.D.E.

    (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Engagement)


    Course Description:

    This class will focus on improving reading, writing, speaking, and listening for every student.  

    1. Writing - standard mechanical and usage conventions, clear sentence construction, and essay format.
    2. Reading - independent, small group, and class.  
    3. Speaking - individual and group presentations, debates, and one on one interviews.
    4. Listening -  independent, small group discussions, media,  and class discussions.


    Course-Specific Learning Goals:

    As per the Common Core Curriculum recently adopted by the state of Oregon, students will focus on all 10th grade Common Core standards. For example, literacy standard 9-10.RL.6, “Analyze a particular point of view or cultural experience reflected in a work of literature from outside the United States, drawing on a wide reading of world literature,” writing standard 9-10.W.4, “Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.”, and language standard L.9-10.1, “Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.”. A complete list of Common Core Standards can be found at http://www.corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/ .


    Course Requirements:

    • Interactive Notebook: Every student must have an “English only” notebook (composition) for taking notes in class.  Students will keep their daily prompts, notes, important class handouts, and final papers here.
    • Participation:  Active class participation is essential for student learning.  Participation includes positive daily interactions in class, classwork, homework, and major assessments.  
    • Quizzes:  Students will take quizzes over grammar, class readings, and root words. Quizzes will not always be announced.
    • Unit Assignments: Students will complete a test or assessment activity at the end of each major unit of instruction.  Tests will be a combination of multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions.
    • Projects:  Students will complete a variety of projects to demonstrate their learning throughout the year.  In addition, students will make both formal and informal presentations to their peers.
    • Academic Honesty: Neither cheating nor plagiarism will be tolerated and will result in the failure of the assignment, quiz, or exam.  In addition, a phone call will be made to the student’s parent or guardian along with a referral to the school administrators and even removal from the class if the behavior persists. (*Cheating is presenting someone else’s work as your own for credit. *Plagiarism is seven consecutive written words, or any ideas from someone else, and presenting them as your own work without acknowledgment/citation.)


    Weekly/Daily Rituals


    ATTENDANCE - Personal electronics (phone) will be put in a class pocket organizer for the entire period. Phones in the assigned pocket will be used for attendance. (phone in pocket = present in class, no phone in pocket = absent)

    DAILY - Silent Sustained Reading (bring a personal choice book EVERY DAY or get stuck reading a book of Ms. Durand’s choice), IXL or Vocabulary (bring iPad EVERY DAY)


    Major Units of Study

    Quarter 1

    Essential Questions: What are our personal and collective stories? How can we learn from them?

    Narrative Writing: Who are my people?

    Novel Study: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

    Study Skills: notes, summarizing, point of view, etc.

    Grammar and Vocabulary: IXL (145, 10th-grade skills) 


    Quarter 2

    Essential Questions: How can we use our knowledge and talents to teach others?

    Informational Writing: Explain that to me. (research paper/presentation)

    Readings:  Nonfiction Literature Circles

    Study Skills: MLA format, using evidence, works cited, context clues, etc.

    Grammar and Vocabulary: IXL (145, 10th-grade skills)


    Quarter 3

    Essential Questions: What is your opinion? How can you express your opinion effectively?

    Argumentative Writing: What is the most important character trait?

    Novel Study: The Odyssey by Homer (Gareth Hinds)

    Study Skills: figurative language, transitions, word choice, etc.

    Grammar and Vocabulary: IXL (145, 10th-grade skills)


    Quarter 4

    Essential Questions: Who am I?

    Writing: Personal Narrative

    Readings: Nonfiction Literature Circles

    Study Skills: selection, organization, analysis of content, etc.

    Grammar and Vocabulary: IXL (145, 10th-grade skills)


    Classroom Rules

    • Bring your school-issued iPad every day to class. No personal electronic devices in class. 
    • No food in class!
    • Drinks with lids are okay until they become a problem. Spills, sharing, teasing  = PROBLEM = No drink.
    • Only one person may use the hall pass at a time; only one 5 minute visit to the bathroom per period. 
    • No earbuds/airpods (ears must be exposed during class).
    • Buffoonery of any kind will NOT be tolerated during class! 



    • Your grade in this class is based on a simple percentage of total points possible. 

    A = 100 - 90%

    B = 89 - 80%

    C = 79 - 70%

    D = 69 - 60 %

    F = 59% and below

    • Late work will NOT be accepted. Period.
    • If you have a prearranged absence, all your missing work must be turned in before you leave or upon the day of your return to class. No exceptions.
    • Parents and students can check grades on the Home Access Center at the link below. 


    • I strive to update grades each Monday.



    Throughout the year we will be having grade conferences so that you know where you are in this class.  Likewise, if you ever feel like you need an update or have a question about an assignment or a grade, please feel free to come and talk to me.  If you need me, stop by or contact me via the information at the top of the syllabus.  Let's have a great year!