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    By November 2016 school leadership teams will develop Instructional Rounds Theory of Action based on the HRCSD 20-20 Vision as a part of each buildings Continuous Improvement Plan.


                By June 2016 WYMS, HRMS, HRVHS & WSES will facilitate in at least one Instructional Round cycle. MVES, MSES, and PDES will have the support of HRCSD Instructional Rounds Network to run an Instructional Rounds Process. CLES certified staff will   participate in Instructional Rounds at another HRCSD school.


                By June 2016 at each school where instructional rounds were conducted, a school improvement team that uses Instructional Rounds as a tool for continuous school improvement will be designated.



    Instructional Rounds

    A Resource Page for Hood River County School District

    What are Instructional Rounds?

    Instructional Rounds are a professional practice for improving teaching and learning.  

    How are Instructional Rounds Conducted?

    School staff members develop a focus for what they would like to improve in their teaching. This Problem of Practice becomes the focus for teams of people to non-judgmentally and specifically observe teaching and learning in 15-20 classrooms in the building.  The specific, descriptive observation data collected during Rounds is then sorted, categorized, organized and analyzed in order to make a prediction about how the next level of work could be adjusted and improved. The Debrief works to be supportive of improvement strategies that are already in place within the school. Continued Collaborative Learning occurs when the predictions and analysis from the debrief are shared with the school staff, colleagues in education, and with existing professional development channels throughout the district.

    Here are presentations, by Adam Howell and Neely Kirwan, of the whole process, the reasoning behind it, and opportunities for practicing non-judgemental, specific and descriptive note taking for the classroom rounds. https://docs.google.com/a/hoodriver.k12.or.us/presentation/d/1iSrL_w7tSCah0CLMx7Zcq2NLZKdvEbas80LYKrezL6E/edit?usp=sharing


    Why use Instructional Rounds?

    Hood River County Schools, after being awarded the Collaboration Grant in 2014 was charged with improving teaching and learning within the district, measuring that improvement, and sharing our results.  One effective way of doing that is with a teacher-led practice of observation, analysis and planning. Here is a video, by Adam Howell, about the cohort of ten teachers and administrators from HRCSD who attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Instructional Rounds Institute in December of 2014.


    How do I talk to my colleagues about Instructional Rounds?

    Honestly. Since this is learning that we are doing together, questioning, discussing and participating are all important.  When rounds are scheduled within a school, the team from the school, the Institute-trained teachers, and the grant manager will work together to build understandings around vocabulary and purpose. District-wide communication comes from the grant manager, school-wide communication comes from the team, and the most important communication comes from each of us talking with our colleagues about the purpose and learning in Instructional Rounds. Here are links to two potential emails from administrators regarding Instructional Rounds in their buildings.



    Please encourage your colleagues to participate in Instructional Rounds as a way of improving their own teaching and learning. Feel free to contact Melissa Mimier King with questions, comments or ideas! Happy Learning!