• Professional Growth


             By June 2017 show measured growth of teachers’ effectiveness using the Danielson Framework. Use the district-wide scope and        sequence of Danielson sessions at every school.


             By June 2017 ensure that administrators and professional growth coaches have open communication about evaluation, professional   development and continued school improvement.


             By June 2017 Professional Growth Coaches will provide mentorship to teachers newer to the profession.


    Professional Growth Coach

    Values, Beliefs, Expectations and Activities

    Purpose: The Professional Growth Coach is a teacher leadership position with a targeted focus in assisting with the district transition to the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching as our tool for professional growth.  Working closely with the building principal, the growth coach will facilitate staff development, work as a building coach and mentor, and help to coordinate non-evaluative peer observations in their building.

    Values and Beliefs

    The Professional Growth Coach should possess the following core values and beliefs:

    • Teacher-led reform gives HRCSD the best chance of sustainable positive change.

    • Collaboration with peers is essential to develop, apply and share our skills as a profession.

    • Educators are intrinsically motivated, reflect on educational practice, and believe learning is a growth process.

    • Effective evaluation is a collaborative process focused on student and professional growth, dialogue and reflection.

    • Non-evaluative peer observation can be a powerful strategy for improvement.

    • Peer mentoring and coaching are essential elements in any professional growth process.


    Expectations and Key Activities

    The Professional Growth Coach will perform the following job duties:

    • Facilitate monthly trainings on an element of the Framework for Teaching.

    • Coordinate and facilitate peer observation opportunities within their building.

    • Meet regularly and collaboratively with the building principal in planning and facilitating staff professional learning.

    • Meet quarterly with other district professional growth coaches.

    • Report on progress to the grant manager on a monthly basis to include:

      • When, How many participants, and Which Danielson Component will be the focus for that month

      • Including the signed time-sheets and any rosters for PGCoaching Sessions in the previous month

      • Fill out the stats Google Sheet

    • Engage in the Designated School Improvement team for your building.

    The Professional Growth Coach will focus on the following District Initiatives:

    • Assisting the district transition to the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching.

    • Developing a deeper understanding of our district professional growth cycle.

    • Working closely with the CDT professional growth subcommittee to analyze data.

    • Investigating your hybrid teacher role: peer mentor, peer instructional coach, team leads.

    • Investigating professional learning opportunities that include: co-teaching, model teaching, demonstration classrooms.

    • Engaging in innovative school improvement efforts. e.g. Instructional Rounds


    Selection and length of service

    The Professional Growth Coach position is a teacher leader position created specifically for the Collaboration Grant.  Information and recruitment sessions were held district wide in the spring of 2015, and Professional Growth Coaches from each school informed the work of the grant all 2015-2016 school year. Some coaches chose to continue into the 2016-2017 school year, and more will be selected with interest and administrator consultation. Service is for one year. Compensation is $48 x the number of staff in their building. The coaching job can be split between two or more teachers.