• Make Up Work

    A student who has been absent for any reason is encouraged to make up specific assignments missed and/or to complete additional in-depth study assigned by the teacher to meet subject or course requirements. Parents should contact the office to arrange for the collection of homework assignments for a student who will be absent for 2 or more consecutive school days.

    All students may make-up missed assignments and tests as a result of excused absences. Excused absences include illness, medical appointments, school activities and pre-excused absences. Make up work shall not be provided for more than 10 consecutive school days per semester. It will be at the teacher’s discretion whether to give the make-up work before or after the absence.

    Students who miss more than 10 consecutive days of school will be withdrawn from enrollment. (ORS 339.065) Teachers may provide no more than 5 days of class assignments when a student withdraws from school and intends to return to school.

    Absenteeism will not be used as a sole criterion for the reduction of grades. A student who is absent from school for more than half a day, for other than a school related function, will not be allowed to participate in school-related activities on that day or evening. Exceptions will be made for family emergencies, doctor and dentist appointments that last for more than half a day.

    Students may be excused on a limited basis from a preplanned classroom activity or from selected portions of the established curriculum on the basis of a disability or for personal, religious or ethnic considerations.