• Late Start Mondays

    Each Monday throughout the school year, our students will start one-hour late to allow teachers to collaborate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC). In PLC meetings, teachers 1) identify critical learning targets that students need to master for success in school and in life, 2) write standards-based common formative assessments 3) review data derived from the assessments to plan for intervention or enrichment activities to ensure each child is making progress towards grade-level expectations. Late Start Mondays, provides critical time for teachers to collaborate in PLC teams to analyze student work and plan new instructional strategies.

    Late Start Times for Schools in 2019/2020

    Start Times
    Cascade Locks School 8:40am
    Hood River Middle School 9:25am
    Hood River Valley High School 9:20am
    Center for Alternative Learning (CAL) HRVHS 9:20am
    May Street Elementary 8:40am
    Mid Valley Elementary 8:40am
    Parkdale Elementary 8:40am
    Westside Elementary 8:40am
    Wy'east Middle School 9:25am