• Placing a Call

    You can place a call in three ways 

    * Using the handset

    * Using the speakerphone

    * Using the headset 

    To place a call using the handset:

    1. Pick up the handset.
    2. Enter the extension # using the keypad or
    3. Press 9 + number first to dial outside line
    4. Press Ok_button send_button   or the send_soft_button  soft key.


    To place a call using the hands-free speakerphone mode:

    1. With the handset on-hook, press speaker_phone or the line key to obtain a dial tone. Enter the desired number using the keypad.

    2. Press Ok_button send_button   or the send_soft_button  soft key.


    Answering a Call

    *Use the handset

    *Use the speakerphone

     *Use headset


    Answering while on another call

    If you have an active call, and an incoming call arrives on the phone, do one of the following:

    * Press the Answer soft key.

    The incoming call is answered and the original call is placed on hold.

    * Press down_arrow to access new call

    * Press Ok_button or the Answer soft key



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