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    PURPOSE: The Library Assistant position is a graded course where students will learn how to use the Sage/Evergreen library system. Students will help other students and staff by assisting in research using the Sage System, OSLIS, JSTOR, and other on line resources. Students will locate books and other library materials; they will learn how to process new library materials. Students will acquire library skills, customer service skills, business social interactions, and skills in alphabetizing, filing, and understanding the Dewey Decimal system. Students will learn the importance of working in a library environment.

    EXPECTATIONS: Students will be expected to be professional, respectful, and responsible, while maintaining good attendance and a positive attitude. Students will be required to stay on task during the class time, and assist others utilizing the library. Student tasks might include: checking in and out materials, locating resources, shelving books, researching for students and staff, alphabetizing, filing, and assisting students and staff. Some additional duties might be: repairing library materials and other duties to keep the library clean, orderly and functioning. Students are expected to develop character and leadership skills by following and convincing fellow students to follow the library rules. As in any working environment students will learn and maintain the meaning of professionalism. The library is the hub of HRVHS and positive productive work will be performed.


    TARDIES:  If a student is tardy a total of three times, a letter will automatically be sent home to parents/guardians.  If a student is tardy four times, they will be asked to spend a lunch period in the library with tasks assigned at the time.  Fair warning will be given to students as to when they are expected to fulfill their punishment so they can come prepared with a lunch.  Five or more tardiness will be dealt with by an administrator. 


    GRADING:  Students taking this elective will become thoroughly acquainted with the HRVHS library facility, procedures, and services, and will assist in its operation. It is hoped this experience will provide students with an awareness of the value of libraries as sources for lifelong learning and leisure information needs. Detail orientation and dependability are very important. Students are assessed on Career Related Learning Standards.


    A ----100 - 90%

    B ----  89 - 80%

    C ----  79 - 70%

    D ----  69 - 60%


    ·        Ten Daily points will be given for following the Library Assistant Expectations.                                               

    ·        Quizzes will consist of student demonstration of Library Systems and Procedures

    ·        There will be book reports and special projects assigned each semester.


    I have read the expectations and discussed them with the instructors of the Library:


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     Career-Related Learning Standards

    The career-related learning standards (CRLS) are fundamental skills essential for success in employment, college, family, and community life.  The CRLS will be most meaningful when demonstrated through integrated, interdisciplinary approaches and hands-on activities such as accomplishing a task or discovering a solution to a problem, in the classroom or career-related learning experiences.  The CRLS are aligned with the Career and Life Roles Common Curriculum Goals at grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. This document is available on the Department’s web site at Career and Life Role Common Curriculum Goals with Career-Related Learning Standards



    Standard                                     Criteria

    PERSONAL                               20%


    Exhibit appropriate work ethic and       Identify tasks that need to be done and initiate action to complete the tasks.

    behaviors in school, community,

    and workplace.                                      Plan, organize, and complete projects and assigned tasks on time, meeting agreed upon standards of quality.


    Take responsibility for decisions and actions and anticipate consequences of decisions and actions.


    Maintain regular attendance and be on time.


    Maintain appropriate interactions with peers and staff.

    PROBLEM SOLVING              20%

    Apply decision-making and                   Identify problems and locate information that may lead to solutions.

    problem-solving techniques in

    school, community, and workplace.      Identify alternatives to solve problems.


    Accept the consequences of the alternatives.

    Select and explain a proposed solution and course of action. Develop a plan to implement the selected course of action. Assess results and take corrective action.

    COMMUNICATION                 20%

    Demonstrate effective                            Locate, process, and convey information using traditional and technological

    communication skills to give and          tools. receive information in school,

    community, and workplace.                  Listen attentively and summarize key elements of verbal and non-verbal communication.


    Give and receive feedback in a positive manner.


    Read technical/instructional materials for information and apply to specific tasks.

    Write reports and business communications clearly and accurately.   Speak clearly, accurately, and in a manner appropriate for the intended audience when giving oral instructions, reports, and business communications.



    Demonstrate effective teamwork in

    school, community, and workplace.

    Identify different types of teams and roles within each type of team; describe

    why each role is important to effective teamwork.


    Demonstrate skills that improve team effectiveness (e.g., shared decision-making and goal-setting).



    Demonstrate academic, technical,

    and organizational knowledge and skills required for successful employment.

    Apply academic knowledge and technical skills in a career context.


    Select, apply, and maintain tools and technologies appropriate for the workplace.


    Demonstrate dress, appearance, and personal hygiene appropriate for the work environment and situation.

    Explain and follow health and safety practices in the work environment. Explain and follow regulatory requirements, security procedures, and ethical




    Demonstrate career development

    skills in planning for post-high school experiences.

    Access personal characteristics related to educational and career goals.


    Research and analyze career and educational information.


    Develop and discuss current plan designed to achieve personal, educational, and career goals.


    Demonstrate job skills (e.g., writing reports, reading and use of resources, daily verbal and personal communication, and assisting peers and staff).


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