• School District Announces Plan to Make-Up Lost Instructional Time for Students

    January 31, 2017

    Greetings HRCSD families,

    Last night, the District and the teacher’s union came to an agreement on changes to the 2016-17 School Year Calendar as a result of the many hours of lost instructional time due to weather. To date, eight (8) full school days had been cancelled in addition to multiple delayed starts.

    The following provisions will allow students to recoup 8 days of missed instructional time, while ending the school year at a reasonable date.

    Please be sure to update your family calendars with the following important changes:

    1.     The last student instructional day will be Friday, June 16. 

    • This date will hold firm barring an additional surge of multiple emergency closure days.
    • The following instructional days were added to the calendar: January 27, June 14, June 15, & June 16.

    2.     February 27 and April 10 will be student instructional days.

    • These dates were originally calendared as non-instructional days.

    3.     The last Monday late-start will be on February 27.

    • Beginning in March, all remaining Monday-morning late-start times will be cancelled and changed to student instructional time.
    • If your children ride the bus, Monday morning times will adjust to the regular Tuesday-Friday schedule. 

    The District will be posting a revised school calendar reflecting these changes soon at www.hoodriver.k12.or.us/Domain/13.

    While no solution is absolutely perfect for every party involved, I believe that under the circumstances we were able to move forward with students’ best interest at heart.