• More Winter Weather Forecasted in the Near Future

    February 1, 2017

    Dear HRCSD Families,

    There is more wintry weather forecasted in the near future.  The Hood River County School District has three ways to address student safety when the road conditions worsen.  They are:

    • Delayed Starts
    • School Closure
    • Early Release

    The school delays allows time for the county and city road crews to plow and gravel roads, our buses to put on chains, and our operations crew to plow our parking lots, shovel walkways, and check that our facilities are safe.  A school closure happens when it is not safe for students to be transported to and from school. 

    An early release happens when the weather conditions worsen once the students have already arrived at school.  If HRCSD needs to release students early, parents/guardians will be called, and our website and social media pages will have the release time information. 

    Depending on the situation, students will be released one or more hours early from school.  If students are released 2 hours early, they will arrive home on the bus 2 hours ahead of their regular  time.  For example, if a student usually gets home at 3:35, he or she would arrive home at 1:35 on a 2 hour early release.  If students do not ride the bus, they will need to be picked up early or will walk home early.

    There have been an unprecedented number of closure days and late starts this year.  Our goal is always to maintain a regular instructional day, but we will continue to make decisions about school closures and schedule modifications with student safety in mind.