• How Cascade Locks is Running Toward Health

    In October, Cascade Locks rolled out a running club that is free and available to all students. The goal of the club is to promote daily physical activity for every student. Students can run during recess, participate in physical activity outside of school or run in a monthly race. Students log their time and laps completed and turn the information into the Physical Education Teacher. The information is compiled and students earn stars for their running chart and small tokens to keep. The initial excitement was great. Lots of students were eager to participate and watch as their chart had stars added to it. Over half of the school showed up and participated in the first race at the end of October during a PTO meeting! Students showed pride in their efforts and were accomplishing the clubs goal of participating in daily physical activity.

    However, the club really took off after Thanksgiving break. Students began running in the mornings before they start their academic day. With the help of Sheri Holloway students began logging some big time miles. In the month of December alone, 60 students ran 190 miles before their academic day even started! That's 4,012 laps around the gym at Cascade Locks for those keeping count.

    The 4th and 5th grade homeroom teacher, Derek Gries, shared that he can see a difference in his students that come from the running club into the classroom in the mornings. “Students coming from the running club are sitting upright, paying attention and ready to start their school day. Students coming in from other areas tend to take longer to get focused and ready for learning.” One of Mr. Gries’ students, Allison, shared that “the club gives the Eagles the running start they need to fly everyday in the classroom."

    A first grade student, Kamryn, is leading the charge toward physical activity. All by himself he has run over 11 miles this year. Kamryn shared that he enjoys running because it helps make him “healthy and happy”. When he found out he had run more than anyone else in the school his face lit up and he responded, “Awesome! The older kids need to get to work”.

    The school had an initial goal of running 125 miles before school gets out for the summer break. With the excitement around the club students are already well past their initial goal and are currently at 269 miles. A new goal is being set with students taking a guess at how many miles they think can they can log before June. A United States map displayed in the school shows the students just how far they have run as a school. Students are already well on their way to Idaho and heading east fast. We are all excited to see where the students take us this year!

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    Brack Hassell

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