• Impacts of National "Day Without Immigrants" Protest on the HRCSD

    02-16-17 - Today, the rate of absenteeism across our nine school sites was approximately 400% greater than typical, with 735 students not in attendance. It is no coincidence that today is also the date of a national protest movement called, "Day Without Immigrants," which called for immigrants to stay home from work or school, close their businesses, and abstain from shopping. The protest is aimed at highlighting the contributions of immigrants to U.S. business and culture. Across the country businesses have been closed, public services have been impacted, and schools have experienced high rates of absenteeism.

    Here in the Hood River County Schools, we work extraordinarily hard to ensure students attend school regularly and feel that they feel they belong each and every time they walk through our doors. It is our belief that excellent attendance is a requisite for solid performance at school - and in life. Attendance is important. We also believe in the capacity of every single student that we serve and reject any attempt to deny our students the right to a quality public education, regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, religious belief, gender, disabling condition, or immigration status. In fact, our locally elected school board recently passed a resolution that communicates to students, families and staff our commitment to all students from all backgrounds while specifying protections for undocumented students while at school:

    As a part of the greatest country on the planet - we support the democratic process and the rights of people to express themselves freely, to be represented, and to be safe in one's beliefs; our country will simply cease to function as a free and democratic society without the protection of these rights. Thank you for creating the conditions for tolerance and understanding in our community.


    Dan Goldman