• AVID Graduate Testimonials


    “We all began college applications earlier this school year. AVID made this progress easier because I finally knew what I wanted to do after high school. I applied to Western Oregon University for two reasons. One, because it has a good design program and second because when I went to go visit the campus, I knew that it was just right for me. It wasn't too big nor too small. It's one more thing AVID has helped me with. The campus visit that AVID organized allowed me to make up my mind as to where I'd head this fall.”


    “I am extremely thankful to the AVID program for supporting me and helping me grow as a person. Without this program I am sure I would still be disorganized, and terrified of what the future has in store for me. I am glad that I had the opportunity to be part of a great program for three wonderful yet stressful years. This fall I will be enrolling at a four year university and pursuing a career that makes me happy just like I imagined when I was younger, only better.”


    “AVID made me feel comfortable to be myself. It made all of us become a family and allowed us to get out of our comfort zone. My sophomore year in AVID I was very quiet and reserved. I slowly became a more comfortable and started to expand from my reserved bubble. I am now more friendly and outgoing thanks to AVID. Although it is not a lesson, AVID made me realize that it is okay to leave my comfort zone in college. Everything will end up how it is supposed to if I try new things. I will have to explains and have adventures in college.”


    “As a kid we dreams of becoming, pop stars, and professional athletes. Ten years ago if you were to ask me what my future goals are, my response would have been: “A famous pop star, just like Hannah Montana.” That was my dream as a seven-year-old. Now, my mind is set. I envision myself helping children in the future as a social worker. I plan on attending Portland State University in the fall. Eventually, I plan on applying to their social work program where I will spend four years studying to earn a bachelor’s degree. Since I am the first in my family to graduate and go to college, I want to make my parents proud of me. Being the first to earn a diploma is enough for my parents, but not for me. I want to show then that I can go to college to make a difference in her family. Becoming a social worker motivates me to chafe the life of kids who feel like they're not loved.”


    “AVID has helped me accomplish my dreams. Thanks to AVID I was accepted to the four universities I applied to including the university I dreams of attending. AVID gave me the support and push I needed to start my college applications process and guided me through things like SATS, FASFA, and college visits. I am thankful to be a part of this program because I know I have people that can help me and I don't to do it on my own.”


    “I have learned many great tools in AVID the past 3 years that I've been in this class such as how to make great Cornell notes, how to as high level questions, how to stay organized, and how to use a planner to the fullest potential. I plan to use these tools to great use in the future to accomplish any goal that I need to or want to archive. The tools that we've learned in AVID are basically the keys tools you need to succeed in anything you want to accomplish in the future and us as AVID students we basically steps ahead than the regular student. I plan to major in Athletic Training and minor Kinesiology and those require a lot of muscles and more to remember and notes to take but with the organization skills and solid Cornell notes that I can and study off of, I feel like I will have so much nor weight off my shoulders.”


    “Being a part of the AVID program changed my life. With the skills I learned, my grades automatically improved. AVID supported me by giving me opportunities I would have never thought I'd find on my own. Ms. Harkema was my AVID teacher, and I would have never thought my education actually mattered to anyone until I got the opportunity to go through it with her. The way I saw how she cared for my classmates education and my education, made me appreciate AVID even more.”


    “Growing up I wanted to be so many things but I couldn't figure out what I even liked or who I was. Which the help of my AVID family, I knew I found my vocation in psychology because Harkema, along with AVID, helped me find who I was. AVID has continued to open my eyes and discover new things about myself every single day. That is what AVID is all about, finding your individuality within your education to be successful and find who you really are.”


    “Being surrounded with other students with the common goal of furthering their education has helped me keep my future aspirations in mind. It's made me more goals orientated, so when I'm having trouble in class I know it's not an option to give up. Through having AVID program, my AVID teacher, and my fellow AVID classmates as a support system I've seen how nothing is too difficult to accomplish. Overall the program has made me more motivated to reach my goals.”


    “Out of all the classes I have taken my high school career, AVID has impacted me the most. I have learned skills that will be useful throughout my life, especially in the future. I can become a better student, and have a successful career if I apply to those skills to my life.”