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    Welcome back to school!  Every new school year brings a renewed sense of possibility and excitement not only for our students and their families, but for us as professional educators.   Each adult in our school district is a professional educator: a leader, collaborator, curriculum specialist, mentor, role model, classroom supporter, facilitator, and resource provider.  And only together will our community of educators meet our ambitious District Goal:

    Every student graduates with the knowledge and courage to learn, serve, and pursue their dreams.

    Meeting this District Goal requires a commitment from all of us and the engagement of our entire Hood River County community.   Our collective commitments, the things we promise to work toward together, provide the framework for our students' success: we ensure safe learning environments by teaching and reinforcing positive behavior; we expect excellence for and from every student by establishing high expectations for achievement; we establish clear learning targets and provide feedback to students on their progress; we use research to guide our instructional decisions; we intervene with struggling learners with great intensity and for as long as it takes; we embrace equity and refuse to make excuses for disparities in student outcomes; and we target our available resources to meet student needs.

    For all of our students to succeed all of us will need to work together, be accountable to one another, and communicate openly.  Our students deserve the very best and it is up to all of us to deliver on our promise of “Excellence, Every Student, Every Day.”

    Our staff handbook is designed to communicate general information about the school district, common procedures, and how we work together to meet students' needs.  Thank you in advance for your dedication to each other and to students. 


    This handbook has been provided as a method of communicating general district information, rules and regulations.  It is not intended to either enlarge or diminish any board policy, administrative regulation or collective bargaining agreement. Material contained within may therefore be superseded by such board policy, administrative regulation, collective bargaining agreement or changes in state or federal law.  Any information contained in this staff handbook is subject to unilateral revision or elimination from time to time without notice.  To obtain additional information, or clarification, you are encouraged to talk with your building principal or appropriate District Office personnel.  No information in this document shall be viewed as an offer, expressed or implied or as a guarantee of any employment of any duration. 
    In addition, equal employment opportunity and treatment shall be practiced by the District regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status and/or disability if the employee, with our without reasonable accommodation, is able to perform the essential functions of the position.  The following have been designated to coordinate compliance with these legal requirements, including Title VI, Title VII, Title IX and other civil rights or discrimination issues, the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and may be contacted at the Hood River County School District office for additional information and/or compliance issues.


     Topic  Description  Board Policy  Procedure (AR)
    Staff Operational Procedures      
    Associations Click here to see the register of OSEA and HREA officers    
    Athletic Conference Affiliation Click here to learn about HRVHS athletic conference info.    
    Board of Directors  Click here to learn about the Board and its meetings BBABD/BDA  
    Fee/Money Collection Click here to learn about expectations for collecting money  DMJN  
    Checkout Click here to learn about the various types of checkouts    
    Child Abuse Reporting

    Click here for an overview of reporting

    Suspected Abuse of a Child Reporting Form

    Classroom Security Click here for guidance on personal belongings    
    Communicable Disease Click here for information on staff protection GBEBGBEBD/JHCCD  JHCC/GBEB-AR
    Community Use of Buildings and Classrooms Click here to know the expectations for facilities use KG KG-AR
    Computers/Technology Click here to learn about instructional technology GCABJFCEBIIBGIIBGA  
    Copyright   GCQBAEGAAA  EGAAA-AR
    Conferences Click here to learn about conferences    
    Criminal Records Checks/Fingerprinting   GCDA/GDDA  
    Curriculum   IFEIF  
    Daily Bulletin/Announcements Click here to learn about staff written communication    
    Drug-free Workplace Click here to learn about procedures for a drug-free workplace GBEC, KGC/GBK  
    Emergency Closures Click here to learn about closures EBCD  
    Emergency Procedures and Disaster Plans Click here for guidance on safety EBCBEBGBE  
    Ethical Educator Division 20 -Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance of Oregon Educators, Ethical Guidance for Distance Learning    
    Feature Films/Videos   IIABB IIABB-AR
    Fund Raising   IGDFKI IGDF-AR
    Gifts and Solicitations Click here for guidance on gifts GBC  
    Guest Speakers/Controversial Topics Click here for guidance on inviting speakers INC  
    Identification Badges   ECAAA ECAAA-AR
    In-District Credit for Licensed Staff Click here for procedures to get in-district credit    
    Injury/Illness Reports   EBBB EBBB-AR
    Jury Duty Click here for information if you are selected for jury duty    
    Keys Click here for information about district keys ECAA  
    Leaves of Absence Click here for information about types of employee leaves GCBDA/GDBDAGCBDC/GDBDCGCBDB/GDBDB GCBDC/GDBDC-AR
    Lesson Plans Click here for information about lesson plans    
    License Requirements Click here for information about licensing    
    Mail and Delivery Services  Click here to learn about the pony and mail    
    Materials Distribution   KJA  
    Meetings Click here to learn about meetings    
    Mileage Reimbursement Click here to learn about mileage reimbursement    
    Parental Rights/Surveys Click here to learn about parents rights KAB  
    Participation in Political Activities Click here to learn about participating in political activities GBGINB  
    Pets Click here to learn about animals in schools ING  
    Petty Cash Click here to learn about petty cash DJ  
    Personal Communication Devices and Social Media   GCAB  
    Personnel Records   GBL  
    Progress Reports Click here to learn about student progress reports    
    Purchasing Click here to learn about staff purchases    
    Release of General Staff Information Click here to learn about release of info    
    Research/Copyrights and patents Click here to learn about research and copyright information GCQBGCQBAEGAAA EGAAA-AR
    Resignation of Staff Click here to learn about resignation    
    Retirement Click here to learn about retirement GCPC/GDPC GCPC/GDPC-AR
    Safety Committee Click here to learn about safety committees    
    Salary Placement

    Click here to learn about salary placement

    Click here to learn about movement across the salary schedule

    Sexual Harassment/Conduct   GBN/JBAJHFF/GBNAA


    Site Council   IFCA  
    Special Interest Materials Click here to learn about special materials    
    Staff Absences Click here to learn about expectations for absences GCBDA/GDBDAGCBDB/GDBDBGCBDC/GDBDC GCBDC/GDBCD-AR
    Staff Conduct Click here to learn about staff conduct Ethical Educator Guide - TSPC  
    Staff Development   GCL/GDL  
    Staff Dress and Grooming Click here to learn about expectations for dress and grooming    
    Staff Evaluation    GCN/GDN  
    Staff Health and Safety Click here to learn about expectations for health and safety GBEEBB  
    Staff Involvement in Community Activities Click here to learn about being involved in community activities    
    Staff/Parent Relations Click here to learn about interactions between staff and parents    
    Staff Room Click here to learn about staff rooms    
    Sunshine/Hospitality Committee Click here to learn about the sunshine committee    
    Supervision of Students Click here to learn about student supervision JHFA  
    Telephones Click here to learn about phone use JFCEB  
    Tobacco-Free Environment   GBK/JFCG/KGC  
    Tuition Reimbursment Click here to learn about the process for tuition reimbursement for licensed and classified staff    
    Tutoring Click here to learn about tutoring    
    Use of Private Vehicles for District Business   EEBBEEAE  
    Vacancies   GCCA  
    Volunteers Click here to learn about volunteers IICC  
    Weapons   GBJJFCJ  
    Student Operational Procedures      
    Administering Noninjectable Medicines to Students   JHCD  
    Administering Injectable Medicines to Students   JHCDA  
    Assignment of Students to Classes Click here to learn about class assignments JECD  
    Class Interruptions Click here to learn about class interruptions    
    Communicable Diseases   JHCCJHCCA JHCC/GBEB-AR
    Contests for Students  Click here to learn about contests    
    Corporal Punishment   JGA  
     Dismissal of Classes  Click here to learn about dismissing classes    
     Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention, Health Education   IGAEB  
    Emergency Drills   EBCB  
    Feature Films, Videos   IIABB IIABB-AR
    Field Trips and Special Events Click here to learn about trips and events    
    Flag Salute     INDB
    Grading Click here to learn about grading IKADIK  
    Homework Click here to learn about homework    
    Media Access to Students Click here to learn about media     
    Moving Class/Holding Classes Outdoors Click here to learn about class locations    
    Program Exemptions   IGBHD  
    Release Time for Private or Religious Instruction   JEFB  
    Resuscitation Click here to learn about resuscitation    
    Retention and Promotion of Students   IKE IKE-AR
    Student Performances Click here to learn about performances    
    Student Withdrawal from School Click here to learn about student withdrawal JFDA  
    Visitors Click here to learn about students bringing visitors    
    Facilities Changes/Upgrades Click here to learn about Facilities Changes/Upgrades    
    Special Programs Click here to understand the various types of special programs throughout the District    
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