Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to participate in a variety of ways at Hood River Valley High School. Opportunities to volunteer may be a little or a lot of time depending on your interest.
    The following are some examples of activities volunteers are already doing successfully:


    • Assist a teacher with a small group of students twice a month or every afternoon.
    • Supervise a dance or other student activity once a year.
    • Tutor students in a particular subject.
    • Help in the Guidance office or Main office with mailings and filing.
    • Help supervise at lunch or at after school activities.
    • Work with the ASPIRE Program to help students receive needed scholarships for college.
    • Work with a student in study hall.
    • Help with high needs students and projects.
    • Work with a small group or individual TAG student with similar special talents.
    • Be a guest speaker in a classroom about something you have knowledge and background.
    • Answer phones during parent conference scheduling.
    • Escort students during final exam times.
    • Many others

     We are open to your ideas and suggestions as well. If you wish to volunteer, call:

    Summit Career Center: (541)-387-5034.

    Lisa Roberts will be happy to coordinate your placement and provide you with necessary information and the guidelines you need for successful volunteering.
    Our office is open from 7:30 to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.