• Internship

    Grades: 11,12
    Length of Course: Semester
    Prerequisites: Excellent attendance, students must provide
    own transportation to internship site
    Internship provides students with insights into career pathways through firsthand experience in the community.  Students spend the first several class periods in the SUMMIT Career Center researching careers of interest, fine tuning their skills in resume/letter writing, and designing learning objectives.  During the placement, students work with their community sponsor at the job site to see the realities of possible career opportunities.  Students complete their internship with a required project display and presentation that is evaluated during finals week.  The student will schedule a 15 minute time slot during their assigned class period.  Interns are assessed on the quality of their notebook, including a daily journal, hours of participation as well as performance at internship, and career-related learning standards.  Please note that students will not be placed at sites where family members are employees or owners.