Other SUMMIT Services


    Job Listings—Job openings for students are advertised on the bulletin board outside the office and in the daily announcements.  Contact: Wendy Herman

    Volunteer Coordination—After passing a background check, community members can volunteer to be ASPIRE mentors, tutors, chaperones, classroom and office assistants, etc.  Contact: Lisa Roberts

    Guest Speakers—Teachers that schedule their own guest speaker are required to email Wendy Herman and include the guest speaker's name, curriculum being covered, date and class periods scheduled. Teachers can contact Wendy if they would like her to schedule a guest speaker.  Contact: Wendy Herman

    Job Shadows/Professional Interviews—Students that want to learn more about a career of interest can request to do a job shadow or professional interview, which SUMMIT will arrange.  Contact: Wendy Herman

    School Visitations—Representatives from a variety of private and state universities, community colleges, and technical schools come once or twice a year to meet with interested students in the SUMMIT Conference Room.  School visitations are by appointment only and are advertised in the daily announcements. 

    Contact: Lisa Roberts

    Field Trips—Career/college fairs and campus visitations are scheduled throughout the school year and advertised in the daily announcements.  Contact: Lisa Roberts

    Apprenticeships—Many career opportunities in the trades are kept on file in SUMMIT. 
    Contact: Wendy Herman
    Military—Students considering the armed forces can schedule a time to meet with military recruiters in SUMMIT.  Contact: Wendy Herman