• Big 5 of Managing Student Behavior

    Google Slides with Video Examples

    Classroom Management in a PBIS Framework

    Google Slides aligned to Self-Assessment (below) with Photo Examples

    Classroom Management Self-Assessment

    Self-Assessment to reflect on Classroom Practices 

    PBIS Core Classroom Walkthrough Tool

    Walkthrough Tool to ask someone else to note Classroom Practices

    Ask a colleague to use this tool and provide feedback on your Classroom Practices

    Variables that Affect Compliance 

    Classroom Reinforcement Menu

    Classroom Interventions 


    Do you want to learn more?

    Supporting and Responding to Behavior

    Resource Guide from Office of Special Education outlining classroom interventions and supports.  Includes self assessment, descriptions & critical features, examples & non-examples (elementary & secondary), and hyperlinks to videos, podcasts, online modules, etc. to illustrate the identified practices.

    OSEP Technical Assistance Center: Classroom PBIS Practices

    Describes the critical features of PBIS, as they apply in a classroom setting and support improved outcomes for students.  

    Lincoln Public Schools: Student Supports

    Teacher support materials developed by Lincoln Public Schools.

    Includes Infographics & Video examples for Eight Classroom Practices: Expectations, Procedures and Routines, Encouraging Appropriate Behavior, Responding to Problem Behavior, Active Supervision, Room Arrangement, Student Engagement & Opportunities to Respond.

    Midwest PBIS: Classroom Practices Training Module

    Training materials developed by Midwest PBIS supporting classroom PBIS practices.  

    Includes Snapshots for Eight Classroom Practices: Arranging Orderly Physical Environments; Define, Teach, Acknowledge Rules and Expectations; Define, Teach Classroom Routines; Employ Active Supervision; Provide Contingent Praise for Appropriate Behavior; Continuum of Response Strategies for Inappropriate Behaviors; Class-wide Group Contingencies; and Multiple Opportunities to Respond.

    Missouri SW-PBS: Tier 1 Effective Classroom Practices

    Training materials developed by Missouri SW-PBS supporting classroom PBIS practices.  

    Includes videos and lessons for Eight Effective Classroom Practices: Expectations & Rules, Procedures & Routines, Encouraging Expected Behavior, Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior, Active Supervision, Opportunities to Respond, Activity Sequencing & Offering Choice, and Task Difficulty. 

    Georgia Department of Eduction: PBIS in the Classroom Online Modules

    Training materials developed by Georgia Department of Education highlighting Classroom PBIS Practices, with related activites and resources.

    Practices highlighted:  Rules & Routines, Acknowledgment Systems, Consequence System for Academic Engagement, and Instructional Practices for Student Engagement.