• Academic Seminar Syllabus:  2021-2022


    Daniel Clute


    Shawnie Emmons


    Lindsay Rosselle




    Academic Seminar at HRVHS is designed to develop, strengthen, and improve skills for positive academic performance and achievement.  Through specially designed instruction and content area course work, cognitive learning strategies are taught which focus on comprehension and memory skills, organizational and study skills, test-taking, and the enhancement of oral and written expression.  

    Self-advocacy skills, development of a growth mindset and transitional planning are also part of the instructional program.  Students' progress is monitored and reviewed throughout the year according to their IEPs (Individual Educational Plans).  Academic Seminar is not a study hall. May be repeated for credit.

    Academic Seminar Objectives: 

    • Progress toward attainment of individual goals as stated in IEP.
    • Integrate self-awareness 
    • Self-monitor and self-record progress on goals and grades.
    • Demonstrate self-advocacy by obtaining help with the above.


    Student and Staff Expectations: EAGLE PRIDE


    • Perseverance


        • Come to class on time and ready to learn
        • Establish short term and long term goals and make a plan to achieve them
        • See mistakes as opportunities to improve


    • Respect


        • Treat others as you want to be treated
        • Respect your belongings and those of others
        • Listen to others and be open to new ideas


    • Integrity


        • Demonstrate trustworthiness
        • Do the “right” thing
        • Be yourself and own it


    • Diversity


        • Everyone has a place here
        • Be open to what other cultures and viewpoints can teach you
        • Avoid assumptions about one another


    • Engagement


      • Be present
      • Be involved
      • Take advantages of opportunities at HRVHS


    Students will be graded on their participation and production in group activities. Students will also be graded according to their effort and progress towards their individual learning goals. These learning targets have been developed by students’ IEP teams, including the students themselves, and they are designed to help students meet Common Core State Standards in areas in which they are not yet proficient. Grades will be posted in HAC.


    Pass / No Pass


    Class Privileges: 

    1)  Phones and other personal electronic media are not necessary and need to be secured in backpacks or in the pocket chart.  

    2) Water is acceptable. No other food or drink is allowed, without teacher approval.


    • Upon entering the classroom, students will place phones in the assigned number in class phone pocket or secured in a personal bag or backpack. 
    • All phones must be in silent mode
    • Students may not take phones into the hall during class