• Dear District Staff and Parents/Community members:

    Last Fall HRCSD students, parents, community members and district staff participated in our Student Success Act information gathering through bilingual surveys and in-person events.  We wanted to hear from you about what is working well or needs more attention when we look at areas such as mental/behavior health supports, instructional time, community engagement to support learning and district programs for a well-rounded education.   I have read every statement of feedback, worked collaboratively with our district leadership team to organize the extensive stakeholder feedback into themes and we followed up with a few groups whom we didn’t hear from so we could capture the collective voice of our community.  You can view the key themes from the stakeholder feedback on our website. 

    We collected this information for two reasons.  First, so that we could hear the voice of our district community as we begin to plan for our next Strategic Plan.  And second, so we could use our collective voice to inform our Student Investment Account (SIA) Plan that, when submitted and approved by our Board of Directors and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), will bring an additional 3.5 million dollars to our district as a result of the Student Success Act.

    How can we spend the SIA funds?
    Under the guidelines of the SIA we can only spend the money in four areas:  Mental / Behavior Health & Health/Safety, Class size and Caseload Reduction, Increasing Instructional Time, and Well-Rounded Education. 

    What steps do we take to receive the SIA funds?
    Since October we have been following the timeline established by ODE that started with gathering your input, organizing the feedback into themes, identifying our needs and putting them into a draft SIA plan.  The draft plan then goes back out to you, our community, for feedback before finalized and brought before the School Board for potential approval at the March 11 meeting.  Upon Board approval it will then be submitted to ODE for review and ultimately approved with funds distributed to our district in August, 2020.

    Where are we now in the process?
    We have taken your stakeholder feedback and aligned the key themes that emerged with the four areas of how we can spend the funds.  We developed specific Outcomes, Strategies and Activities (or actionable steps) and put them into the draft SIA Plan.  This draft Plan is now ready to go back out to you, our district community, for feedback.  We would like to invite you to give us feedback on the SIA plan before it is finalized. 

    How can I give feedback?
    First, please take a moment to review the feedback we received from our stakeholders, and then review the draft plan (Outcomes, Strategies, Activities).  We want to hear from you about what you think with what we are proposing for our Outcomes, Strategies, and action step Activities – all of this information is posted on our website, or you can get a hard copy from your school office.  After reviewing these documents you can provide feedback in a few different ways:

    • Share feedback in person with the Board of Directors at the February 26 meeting that begins at 6:30pm at the Coe Building District Office during the public comment section of the meeting.
    • Participate in the online ‘Thought Exchange’ by clicking on the link HERE The link is also available on our website. You may also use an ipad at your school office to access the link.
    • Provide feedback in writing using our bilingual feedback form

    We are excited to hear from you about our SIA plan with the goal of how these funds will help our students as we live our mission of Excellence, Every Student, Every Day with a concentrated effort on equitable access, opportunities and inclusive practices.

    Thanks, in advance, for partnering with us on behalf of the amazing students we serve,

    Dr. Sara Hahn-Huston