• As of now, April 2, the season has NOT been canceled.  There is a proposal for an IMC (Intermountain Conference) spring sport jamboree in Redmond once spring sports resumes in May.  I haven't heard anything about the state competition or its location.
    I just got the OK from Coach Bertram that you may have access to the implements in the shed. You may take them home for your own personal use, so no one else touches the implements but you.

    Go through the sliding door. Grab a shot and a discus, but DO NOT take a normal javelin. Only take a TRAINING JAVELIN. It's smaller and a lot safer. No matter what you take, it is very important that you have a big enough property that allows you to throw any implement safely. However, you may still take the implements home and just plan on doing the drills with the implements in your hand without throwing them. For example, you can hold the discus in your hand and do the spin throw, but stop in the power position.
    Below are the practices for today (4/2) and tomorrow (4/3).  I will update practices on a weekly basis.  With all that we're experiencing with the school closures, repetition and visualization will be the key to your success. There has been studies on visualization vs performing the actual skill.  Research has shown that you can actually learn a skill sufficiently (almost as well as the real thing) through visualization. Therefore, do the drills, watch the videos, and follow along with the videos, put your body in the same positions as you see in the videos, etc....Use the mirror as a training partner where you can see how you look compared to the videos. 
    Stay safe and I'll see you all soon!


    UPDATE as of Monday, 03/23.  All Hood River parks are officially closed including the HRVHS track.  Therefore, you may only workout at home.


    According to Coach Bertram,  I can offer up the workouts again as long as there is an emphasis on working out on your own.  So I'll open the shed up tomorrow (3/20) morning and you can workout at the school.  As of now, we will still have a season when we come back.


    Join my Throwers group in Google Classroom.  That way you can comment or ask questions.


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    If you don't have the ability to join Google Classroom, then here is the information that I posted.


    Click on the following links to get the Workouts until 3/31 and the Daily Stretches for the 5 at 5.

    Weekly practices during Coronavirus Suspension 2020.pdf

    Daily Stretches.pdf

    Coach Bertram is having other groups start at 9 am, but you all can communicate with each other to figure out who you want to workout with and at what times you want to practice.

    Here's my schedule during the suspension:
    Mondays - Shot and Discus
    Tuesdays - Javelin
    Wednesdays - Shot and Discus
    Thursdays - Rest Day
    Fridays - Shot, Discus, and Javelin

    Of course, you may adjust the routine to fit your plans for the next 2 and a half weeks and if you only can do drills at home. Your goal is to throw shot and discus at least twice a week. If you throw Javelin, then workout only twice a week with at least 2 days rest in between. If the workout description is too confusing, then just warm up like we usually do, then just throw starting with power position and progress to full throws. I recommend you watch Youtube videos to find additional drills. If you're more experienced like Henry, Aldo, and Michael, then adjust and do what works for you best.

    I will leave the sliding garage door of the shed unlocked. Just lift it up to access the implements. When you're done, put everything back and slide the garage door down. I'll leave some copies of the workouts and the Daily Stretches in the Shed.

    If you have any questions, then text me at 541-399-1024 or respond in Google Classroom.