Need help tracking your progress?  Do you want to set up a Student Success Plan?

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    Forgot your log in?  Need to know where you are in your course?  Need to know how to plan to finish by the end of the trimester?

    Please contact Donna Mohr at

Creating a Parent Account on Acellus

  • Acellus Parent Interface

    As a distance education school, the Acellus Parent Interface empowers parents to take an integral role in their child's education from which parents can track the progress and scores of their student in real-time.

    By empowering parents with detailed insight regarding the progress of the learner, parents become a “sparkplug” for providing accountability and encouragement to students and take an active role in the learning process.

    Learn instantly when your child needs help

    When a student struggles with a concept in an Acellus course, the system will flag the concept and display a warning through the Live Monitor tool. Parents may quickly review the student’s work in that lesson and see the exact answers entered, along with the problem presented. These insights make it easy for parents to know when and how to help their student succeed.


    Record Keeping & Reports


    The Acellus App

    Please follow the steps in the "Parent Registration" video above for instructions.  If you are still having trouble with the instructions, please email your student's teacher to request an invitation to join your child's classes.