• Course Outline:  ELA 12 A/B. (Senior English) 2021-2022

    Hood River Valley High School


    Teacher:  Mr. Lorenzen

    Room:  C13

    Email: jeff.lorenzen@hoodriver.k12.or.us

    Phone:  386-4500, ext. 4569


    Course Description

    This course is a Language Arts offering for Seniors at HRVHS.  Students may read a variety of types of writing, including non-fiction essays, creative short fiction, novels, plays, and poetry; write essays in a variety of modes; work on library research and MLA format; and work to improve their vocabulary and control of grammar.  

     We adopted curriculum last year, which may or may not work for us. I had a bunch of you last year and you know how I roll:  I know the standards and I try to come up with engaging activities that will improve your skills, enhance your understanding of the “real” world, and not insult your intelligence or interests.  Show up/engage in the class and we’ll cover some cool stuff and you’ll be fine and then you’ll graduate and it’s all good.


    Content Standards for Senior English

    READING:  comprehending a variety of written materials; vocabulary skills; locating information; understanding sequences, relationships, symbols, and patterns; and analyzing arguments.

    WRITING:  using writing as a tool to learn, reflect, and communicate for a variety of audiences and purposes; convey clear, concise thoughts; understand and use a variety of modes and forms to express ideas; understand and use organizational structures; use advanced sentence structures.

    SPEAKING AND LISTENING:  speak effectively for a variety of audiences and purposes, and to listen effectively to gather information.

    THINKING:  creative thinking, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, graphic thinking, and reasoning.

    INTERPERSONAL:  teamwork, teaching others, and exercising leadership.

    LITERATURE:  understand how literature records, reflects, communicates, and influences human events; read and identify various forms of literature; evaluate the effectiveness of literary elements; identify and examine themes; examine literary devices; analyze author’s purpose; and examine the context of the work.


    Major Units of Study

    StudySync adopted curriculum or other quality materials and assignments that further your knowledge and skills and appropriately monitor your mastery of the content standards.


    Grading Procedures

    Your grade in this class is based on a simple percentage of points possible.  Assignments include vocabulary practice and tests, in-class essays, formal essays, speeches, homework questions, and quizzes.  Final exams will be based on the vocabulary for the semester.


    Notes of Caution

    Some of the works selected for this class may contain subject matter that is adult in content or may offend certain readers.  References to drug use, violence, sexuality, and racial issues appear in some of the works.