• Class Syllabus
    HRVHS Eagle Learning Community


    Welcome to your Eagle Learning Community!  The purpose of this class is to offer a place for community, academic skill development, social/emotional learning, and to prepare for career and college readiness.  


    What to expect in this class? 

    What can you expect from me?

    As your ELC teacher, I am your advocate, your mentor, and your coach. I am here to help problem solve and suggest strategies to meet your goals. Whether it’s working with a specific teacher, finding academic help or tutoring, figuring out our technology, or just being there as a person you can share your needs and concerns with, I am always happy to help! I too was once a high school student and I know how stressful it can be. And I hope you’ll be willing to help me, too! 


    What will we learn together?

    • How to come together as a community
    • How to be a successful student
    • How to locate the resources we need
    • How to deal with challenges that arise in our lives
    • How to communicate with each other respectfully
    • How to figure out what interests you for your future
    • And, have fun together while we have to be apart!


    What are the expectations for students? 

    • To actively engage and participate in ELC activities - to show up and speak up!
    • Show your Eagle PRIDE - Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Engagement
    • To cultivate and promote a healthy and safe online school climate for all students & staff.
    • Develop, pursue, and achieve academic and personal goals.
    • Learning to advocate for yourself and manage your school life.

    What materials do you need?

    Just be here!



    This class is worth .25 credit per quarter and is graded on a P/NP scale.  



    In order to receive the .25 credit per quarter, you must receive higher than a 2 on the participation and classwork categories below. 



    1 - Failure

    2 - Attempted

    3 - Adequate

    4 - Strong


    As a community member

    Student rarely participates in class discussions or activities.  Often seems distracted or unwilling to work.

    Student occasionally participates in class.  Participation is more often passive and unfocused.

    Student can be observed passively participating in class tasks and discussions* while occasionally contributing more actively.  Student works diligently most of the time.

    * Some students are shy to use their language. 

    Student is an active participant in class- offers to share ideas during discussions, works well in cooperative groups, and is diligent when required to work on written tasks.


    Rarely completes work- has completed less than half of the assigned tasks.

    Has completed some (approximately ½) of the assigned tasks.

    Has successfully completed most of the assigned tasks (at least 75%).

    Has essentially completed all assigned tasks successfully (at least 90%).