• Rules for iPad Mini Set #4:

    There are 15 iPads in each case/set. Staff can pick up and drop off the iPad Mini Sets, please do not send students. There is a sign up sheet for you and your students to fill out. Please fill the form out, and check iPad Mini Sets at end of class.
    You can sign up for any iPad Mini Set at the same time, or just one Set if that is all that is needed.

    Sign up: Sign up for full periods and no more then two weeks  - 10 days worth of
    (5 - "A" days and/or 5 - "B" days) in a row. (Exceptions will need administrative approval). Staff can pick up iPad Mini Set from the Library. Please lock the iPad Mini Set AND the classroom if you plan to leave them unattended, and keep the keys with you.
    Please return the iPad Mini Set to the Library by 3:30 p.m. in the same shape you took them (plugged into the proper number and powered off). Inform the Media Assistant if there is a problem with any of the iPad Mini Sets.

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