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 Elementary Health Standards
In June of 2016 a group of 9 elementary teachers and a few members of District Office Staff met together to review the elementary Oregon State Standards for Health.  The document below came as an effort to determine which state standards would be taught in special units in the Core classrooms, by Physical Education teachers, through 2nd Steps Curriculum, or via a special event at your school.
HRCSD Elementary Health Standards (These standards include sexual health standards.)
   This  Google Sheets contains all of the required Elementary Health Standards.  Look at each page to find ALL of them.  You will see that each standard is listed and to the right it indicates the suggestions from the Elementary Health Committee as to where/how the standards should be addressed.  
 Please Note:  This is a committee recommendation only. Your individual building may spread the standards between grade levels in a different way.  Please see your building principal for more information if needed.
This document was designed as the request of the committee.  If you have a great resource for teaching to the Oregon State Health Standards please add it to this document.  OR... if you are looking for a resource to help you plan an instructional unit on the Health Standards please look here.