New Attendance Notifications

  • Mid Valley is working with the district to provide parents with more information regarding student attendance.  Below is an overview of the procedure we will be following.  

    Good attendance is key to learning.  Our goal is for students to be at school at least 95% of the time-which is no more than 8 absences in a school year. This includes excused and unexcused absences.  We understand that occassionally more serious illnesses and emergencies make absences unavoidable but we encourage students who have minor illnessess (those without a fever or vomiting) to come to school if at all possible.  

    Parents can also help by calling the school or sending a note after every absence. 

    HRCSD Elementary School Decision Rules and Attendance Notification Policy

    • Absent 5% or more (after 30 days of school), Teacher is notified by eSchool attendance report. Teacher initiates a friendly phone call home to check in. Teacher notes contact in Google attendance document.
    • Absent 10% or more (after 30 days of school), SSS is notified by eSchool attendance report. Student Support Specialist calls home to check in and provide any intervention needed to resolve attendance issues. If unable to reach parent or guardian by phone a letter is sent. Contact is noted in the Google Attendance document.
    • Absent 15% or more (after 30 days of school), Principal is notified by eSchool attendance report and communicates with family to develop a plan for attendance. Principal documents contact in Google attendance document. Record of note made in student cumulative file.
    • Absent 20% or more (after 30 days of school), District Administration is notified for response. Department of Human Services(DHS) may be notified and other community partners requested to be resources for the family. Possible referral to Law Enforcement for further support or citation. Documentation is noted in student cumulative file.
    • Please note that 10 consecutive days of unexcused absence results in unenrollment.

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