• School Entrance Requirements

    Parents interested in enrolling their children in the Hood River County School District can start the registration process by contacting the school in their neighborhood. In Hood River County, students are assigned to schools based on where they live.

    Parents and students will receive additional information at the school where they register. If you are uncertain about which school your child will attend, you can contact Meghan West at the school district office at 541-387-5013, or Cindy Beth in Transportation at 541-354-1388, or contact your local school secretary

    Proof of Residency in Hood River County 
    For families who are new to the district, whose mailing address or phone number in the past has been used for a temporary residence, a residence outside Hood River County, a business address or a business phone, or about whom a question or complaint has been raised about their residency, the following items are required to establish residency for the purpose of attending Hood River County Schools:

    • An electric bill for an address in Hood River County in the parent's name; AND
    • A current gas, water or other utility bill for a Hood River County residence in the parent's name: AND
    • A current rent receipt signed by a landlord with an address in Hood River County (rental agreement is NOT an acceptable substitute); or a mortgage statement or similar document if the residence is being purchased
    • A driver's license, Oregon DMV ID card, or Matricula Consular card (or other government issued identification card) with a Hood River County address, OR, an Oregon Voter Registration card with a Hood River County address

    Click here for the complete information form.

    For detailed information about entering kindergarten, please visit our Kindergarten page.

    According to Oregon state law, immunizations are required for students entering Oregon public schools. These may be obtained from the family doctor, local county health department, or health screening clinic. Visit our Immunizations page for more information.

    Emergency Card
    An Emergency Card will be filled out for each student at the beginning of each school year and kept on file for emergency purposes.

    A Transcript Form will be provided for parents to fill out for school records to be transferred from their children's previous school.

    Age Requirements
    A child shall be admitted to kindergarten if, and only if, his or her 5th birthday occurs on or before September 1st. A child entering the first grade shall be admitted if, and only if, his or her 6th birthday occurs on or before September 1st.

    Birth certificate, baptismal records, passport, or certified adoption papers must be provided within ten (10) days of enrollment to establish date of birth.

    Social Security Number
    Providing your child's social security number (SSN) is voluntary. If you provide it, the school district will use your SSN for recordkeeping, research, and reporting purposes only. The school district will not use your SSN to make any decision directly affecting you or any other person. Your SSN will not be given to the general public. If you choose not to provide your SSN, you will not be denied any rights as a student.

    Homeless Students
    Homeless students in the district will have access to the education and other services needed to ensure that an opportunity is available to meet the same academic achievement standards to which all students are held.

    A liaison for students in homeless situations will be designated by the district to carry out duties as required by law.