• Acellus Academy provides instruction online through distance education via the Acellus Learning System.

    Acellus, a program of the International Academy of Science, is an online learning system that has been used to provide primary instruction to millions of students in thousands of schools throughout the United States.

    The online curriculum is taught by master teachers from across the nation that have been recognized for their expertise in both content material and conveying knowledge through video instruction.

    As a distance education school, Acellus Academy serves a diverse population of students located throughout the United States and in some international regions, from nearly all walks of life.

    Students who enroll in Acellus Academy are typically looking for an alternative to traditional school settings for a variety of reasons, such as a medical necessity, interest in more rigorous coursework, safety from bullying issues, credit recovery, a more flexible learning environment, and independent studies for students who have dropped out of school and need a second chance for success.

    Acellus Academy high school graduates have been welcomed into top universities around the country. The school’s programs are flexible, yet rigorous, resulting in graduates that are motivated to achieve success and optimistic about their future.