• The Hood River Options Program's Academy High School is a campus-based learning environment that is designed to support students re-engaging with the school environment. Students will identify post-high school goals which will drive their learning as they earn their high school diploma. We also have the option to support students preparing for the GED test as an alternative to a high school diploma.


    The design of the HROA Academy High School centers on personalized learning that targets the credits and essential skills needed for graduation. Daily classes are competency based with access to teachers to support and extend learning. There will be a mix of online and classroom-based learning. Beyond traditional learning, students will participate in a variety of community-based opportunities (work experience, internships, and project based service learning activities) that enhance and connect classroom learning to our community and options beyond high school. 


    If you are interested in learning more about the Academy High School, please contact us at: 541-387-5032.