I absolutely love science and am thrilled to teaching at HRVHS. I am looking forward to getting to know my students and their families this year.  I will be teaching Patterns Physics and Earth Science.

    In addition to loving science, my passion is enjoying and protecting the natural world.  For the past 7 years, I have been the director of Cascade Mountain School, an outdoor science school located in Trout Lake, WA.  I created Cascade Mountain School after realizing it was a beautiful intersection of my passions: environmental stewardship, youth education, and experience of the natural world. I received my BS and MS in Earth Systems, an interdisciplinary environmental science program, from Stanford University. Before founding Cascade Mountain School, I worked on ocean conservation issues for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in San Francisco. I live Hood River with my two sweet boys, Davey (6) and George (3).  In my free time I enjoy hiking, yoga, meditation, personal energetic empowerment, and trapeze.  I teach mindfulness and energy balancing through my business: Azule Healing.

    Mt. Shasta                             My boys!